Navajo Nation Flood

October 6, 2023

In April of 2023, the community of Chinle, Arizona in the Navajo Nation, was ravaged by flooding, when intense rain and heavy runoff from the snow melt caused a levee to break. As the canyon quickly flooded, many families were evacuated. When they were given permission to return, they found their homes barricaded with 2.5 feet of sand, sediment, and debris. Since April, the community and various volunteer groups have been working to clear the areas around the homes, but many families still need help.

The Chinle chapter of the Navajo Nation asked International Relief Teams to assist in clearing the sand and sediment around the homes of several elderly and disabled families. We’re happy to report that at the end of September, a group of volunteers spent a week in Chinle to clear the debris and sediment surrounding local houses.

Below: Some of the International Relief Team volunteers removing mountains of sand and debris.

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