Morocco Earthquake

October 6, 2023

On September 9, Morocco was hit with a magnitude 6.8 earthquake and then strong aftershocks. The epicenter was in the High Atlas Mountains southwest of Marrakesh, devastating the historic city and wiping out some rural villages.More than 2,900 people have died and 5,530 were injured. Morocco is now facing the significant challenges of rebuilding villages and helping the 2.8 million people affected by the destruction.

This is the deadliest earthquake to strike Morocco in more than six decades.

The earthquake damaged a staggering amount of infrastructure, limiting access to shelter and water systems for entire communities. Many of the affected communities are in the mountains near the epicenter of the earthquake, and they lost more than half their population and homes. Entire villages, whose houses are built with Morocco’s traditional mud bricks, are now demolished. Survivors are left vulnerable to cold mountain nights.

Moroccans will face many challenges in the coming weeks and months. The sudden loss of consistent electricity, clean water, and shelter exacerbates an already devastating situation.

International Relief Teams is committed to helping the victims of this terrible disaster by providing the aid that is needed now. Working through our longtime partners, International Relief Teams has been purchasing food and emergency supplies in-country for distribution to ensure survivors’ basic needs are met.

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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