2022 Annual Gala

Honoring Barry La Forgia

After 34 years of selfless service, our founder and Executive Director, Barry La Forgia is retiring. On October 15, 2022 we paid tribute to Barry’s relentless commitment to the mission that we all share.

It was a moving night, full of joyful memories from three decades of service, as we wished Barry a well-deserved retirement.

With your help, we were able to raise over $300,000 for Medicines for Children. Your generosity will allow us to provide over $15 million in medicines for poor children and families around the world.

Thank you.

Generous support from our donors enables International Relief Teams to alleviate the suffering caused by poverty and disaster -- from the forgotten corners of the world to right here at home. We simply could not succeed without your support and we are eternally grateful for your participation and belief in our mission.

Your contributions are critical to the ongoing success and impact of International Relief Teams programs.

With gratitude,

Angelica Ocampo, Chief Executive Officer, International Relief Teams

P.S. Photos from the gala can be found here.

L-R, International Relief Teams CEO, Angelica Ocampo, KennetteBryant-La Forgia, Honoree Barry La Forgia, Sundi and Board Chair, Rich Yousko


Your donation will be used for our Medicines for Children program, which annually provides over $50 million in medicines to vulnerable and disadvantaged populations for a fraction of their cost.

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