Hector J. Vivero

A Seasoned Humanitarian with a Global Perspective

Hector brings over 14 years of experience to the table, having worked with humanitarian organizations across Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. His diverse portfolio includes roles as Emergency Response Representative, Country Director, and Head of Programs, tackling challenges in conflict zones and supporting communities in need.

From Ukraine to Afghanistan, Hector has seen the world: With experience in over 50 countries and residences in 10, he boasts a deep understanding of diverse cultures and contexts. His fluency in multiple languages allows him to connect with people on a personal level, fostering collaboration and meaningful impact.

Passionate about learning and development: Hector holds an impressive academic background with degrees in Development Studies, Post-War Recovery Studies, and an MBA. He advocates for accessible education, believing the community college system empowers individuals like himself.

In his free time, Hector stays informed: Avidly reading the Washington Post, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal, he keeps his finger on the pulse of global affairs. He also enjoys delving into history, economics, and geopolitics through books.

A culinary enthusiast with a simple philosophy: Hector believes inletting quality ingredients shine, finding joy in preparing delicious meals with minimal fuss.

Looking ahead, Hector's passion for storytelling takes center stage: In 2024, he launches a weekly blog featuring short stories that capture the vibrant spirit of his hometown, Mexico City.

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