Ken Marsh Remembered

May 12, 2023

International Relief Teams volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Every project celebrates the dedication and effort our volunteers have given to the organization and to those they serve.

Ken Marsh joined International Relief Teams in 2017 to provide his construction expertise in the recovery of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina made landfall in 2016. Since then, Ken aided in the disaster response after the 2016 Hurricane Harvey in Texas, the 2018 Camp Fire and 2020 Slater Fire in California, and the continued home-building projects in the rural areas of Tijuana.

In total, Ken aided in the construction of 28 homes.

Sadly, Ken Marsh passed away on November 5th of 2022. In Memory of his love of service and dedication to disaster relief and responding efforts, International Relief Teams hosted two home builds in Tijuana in his honor.

16 International Relief Teams volunteers who had previously worked with Ken, came together to build homes in honor of their dear friend.“The one thing really important to Ken – almost as much as family and friends –was helping people in need,” John Zawis shared.

At the end of the build, Rose Uranga, COO of International Relief Teams, handed one of the families their new house keys, sharing with the surrounding volunteers and all the helpers that aided the team in the build,that these homes are “a legacy in honor of a dear friend and volunteer, Ken.”

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