IN PICTURES: How can water change this one community?

August 19, 2016

This is Fuentes del Valle – a newly formed community of 150 families in Tijuana, Mexico.

Even though life is challenging here, families in this community believe they have more opportunities than where they came from.

One big challenge they face here: no running water.

They must buy water from a delivery truck. It’s expensive and in short supply.

They store their water in large barrels and buckets.

Without running water, it is difficult to bathe and stay clean.

Without running water, it is difficult to wash clothes.

Without running water, it is difficult for mothers to cook for their children.

Without running water, it is difficult to wash dishes.

Without running water, it is difficult to grow a garden.

Without running water, the children are more susceptible to disease.

Running water would help bring LIFE and DIGNITY to this community.

This is why IRT is helping to bring them the precious gift of water.

For $5,612 we can build the infrastructure to put a tap at each home.

For just $37 per family.

This family could have running water at their house...

…and this family

…and these children.

This mom will be able to bathe her kids regularly. She will be able to cook, wash clothes and dishes, and clean her home without worrying that she will run out of water.

he lives of every resident of Fuentes del Valle will change!

Go to this page(link is external) and start your own fundraiser to bring the gift of precious water to this community.

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