Ecological Bathroom Facilities for Families in San Quintin, Mexico

February 15, 2023

From 1991-2001, International Relief Teams built bathroom facilities for 44 families living in squalor in San Quintin, Baja, CA, MX. A community was created that’s still thriving today. International Relief Teams is committed to renewing and expanding its work in San Quintin in 2023.

In February of 2023, International Relief Teams’ CEO, Angelica Ocampo, visited students from the Engineering in Agricultural Innovation Program at Universidad Intercultural de Baja Californiain San Quintin, Mexico. The discussion was to present water-less toilets based on accessible materials that can be found in their region. International Relief Teams is developing a program for residents of San Quintin that will include Garden Towers, Hand-Washing Stations, Water-less Toilets, skilled labor workshops, and improving or providing housing for this deserving community.

Angelica was joined by “Toilets for People” Founder and President, Jason Kass. Toilets for People has developed an affordable, sustainable, and ecological toilet solution for organizations working in community development and disaster relief. They provide on-location toilet fabrication and training services to partner organizations and local craftsmen to bring this technology to those most in need.

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