Providing Relief for Families in the Sudan Conflict

December 12, 2023

Since the beginning of the war in Sudan, International Relief Teams has been working with our partner on the ground in responding to the needs of those who are displaced and most vulnerable. The war has  put at least 24 million people – more than half the population – in dire need of assistance, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Reports estimate more than 9.6 million people have been displaced and are acutely malnourished. . Many Sudanese refugees were forced to flee their homes, taking only what they could carry, and are now staying in IDP (internally displaced persons) camps.

Families are fighting for survival

In the current situation, many families find themselves simply fighting to survive. Lack of external aid, heat, waterborne illnesses, disease, lack of food, and continual threats of violence and displacement are compounding upon the people of Sudan.

A local team  member working in an IDP camp recently sent us this update: 

“The living conditions in Sudan are deplorable, with many families residing in makeshift shelters. This dire situation exposes young children to environmental-related diseases such as malaria. The need for shelter is eminent to address this urgent issue."

How we’re responding

International Relief Teams together with our partner in Sudan have been dedicated to reach families and in some cases, adopt entire IDP camps to provide the much needed relief and  resources.

Our response has been focused on key areas to ensure the greatest impact on the families in Sudan.

Because of your unwavering support, we have been able to provide the following support in Sudan:

  • 3,588 families served
  • 15,442 individuals served
  • 478,718 total meals served
  • 167,551 lbs total food amount in weight
  • 2,700 mosquito nets 

International Relief Teams in partnership with  our local team  continues to work in heavily affected areas of Sudan by providing life-saving resources to refugees living  in  dire situations. 

Signs of Hope


Your donations have been critical to  support this cause and have made a huge difference in the lives of many Sudanese. 

Here is a note from one of our partners in Sudan: 

“ Thank you so much for helping provide food and mosquito nets. There is an outbreak of malaria right now because of the rainy season. In fact, several of our team members are fighting it as well. The people in the camps who received nets were ecstatic.


On behalf of all of us  in Sudan, and the beneficiaries themselves, Thank you!!” 

Sustaining the momentum

As internal conflict continues, the situation for many Sudanese families will inevitably worsen. International Relief Teams  is committed  to staying involved and providing resources as long as possible  to make the most effective and long-lasting impact.

Please make your contribution today and join us in our ongoing effort to provide immediate, lifesaving support for the affected families in the Sudan conflict. Thank you for your generosity.

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