Crisis in Ukraine

                                               You can help Ukrainian Families now!

                                                                                           WE ARE RESPONDING TO THE CRISIS IN UKRAINE


On February 24, Russia launched an unprovoked attack against the Ukrainian people, the largest invasion of one country by another in Europe since World War II. More than 14 million refugees have fled their homes to escape the advancing Russian forces, and now face a very uncertain and difficult future.  

You can help meet the needs of families who have lost everything due to the war in Ukraine. Working through local partners, we are providing food, water, shelter and other critical supplies to thousands still trapped inside the country and to refugees in Poland, Romania and Moldova.

                                                                                        PLEASE DONATE NOW to help these families and children.  

To make a donation of marketable securities (stocks/bonds/mutual funds etc.) or real estate please call our office directly at 619-284-7979.

Please send checks to:
International Relief Teams

3545 Camino del Rio, S., Suite A

San Diego, CA 92108