Carlos was abandoned as a baby. Now he is thriving!

March 27, 2019

·       In his own words, Carlos tells his story

Hi! My name is Carlos Barron and I am 12 years old. Everyone here at Kids Kingdom orphanage calls me Charlie. I would like to share my story with you.
I never knew my real parents. I only knew a wonderful lady named Josefina who saved my life. She said she found me in a basket abandoned outside a cantina in the city of San Quintin, Mexico. She guessed that I was about two months old. I was very little then and I’m still little!
Josefina raised me as her own son and she was the only mother I ever knew. She was so good to me and I loved her very much.
When I was eight years old Josefina got really sick and went to the hospital. That was the last time I ever saw her. Then, the police came to my house and took me away. They took to me an orphanage in San Quintin.
Nine months later, I was transferred to Kids Kingdom orphanage here in Ensenada, Mexico. During my first meal at my new home, I knew I was in a special place. I couldn’t believe how much good food they had to eat. I asked another kid, “Is this how you guys eat every day?! Mexican sweet bread every day! Wow!”
Carlos smiles while eating his favorite food (Mexican sweet bread) served at Kids Kingdom.


Not only did I now get to eat yummy food for every meal, but there was always something fun to do or something to celebrate. We do fun activities like take trips to the swimming pool. We even get presents on Christmas!
At Kids Kingdom, I love playing in the backyard. I love playing soccer the most. I also like to jump on the trampoline and help in the garden. I love going to camp during the summer.
Carlos(left) with the other boys at Kids Kingdom orphanage.

I feel so blessed to live here and have this family. I know there are a lot of kids like me out there who are not so lucky.
Thank you for giving me this wonderful life!

Thanks to donors like you, Carlos and 45 other abandoned and neglected kids have a safe, nurturing home at Kids Kingdom orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico. Many of these children arrive at Kids Kingdom after living on the streets and without any previous schooling. Through your support, you help ensure that each month they have enough food to eat and are able to attend school. IRT and Kids Kingdom are dedicated to providing a safe environment where children can grow, thrive, and become productive adults.

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