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California Wildfires

"This is one of  the worst disasters I've ever seen in my career, hands down," - FEMA  Administrator Brock Long

The wildfires in California this past month were the deadliest and most destructive in the state's history. Vulnerable families are facing very dark days ahead after losing their homes,their livelihoods, and their hopes for the future. In response to an urgent request by the Butte County School District, International Relief Teams has provided funding for textbooks for students in Butte County who lost all of their school supplies in the fires. The Camp Fire alone destroyed 6 school, damaged 8 schools and affected nearly 4,000 students.

In the coming days and weeks,we will continue to respond to unmet needs as they surface. You can help us provide whatever necessities children, families, the elderly, and underserved need to recover from this terrible tragedy.

*Photo Credits: Noah Berger/AP (above), Jessica Christian/The Chronicle (thumbnail image on previous page)

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Physicians Density:
Life Expectancy:
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Literacy Rate:
GDP per capita:
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