Teen Piano Prodigy Holds Virtual Concert for Covid-19 Relief

May 27, 2021
"I want to do my part to help the community,” said IRT donor Bradley Carpiuc.

This is something we frequently hear from our donors. But Bradley is exceptional because he is just 13 years old!

Last year in the midst of the global pandemic, Bradley wanted to do something to help. But as a young teen, he found his options to make a difference were limited. So, he thought he would use his musical abilities to help.

But Bradley is no ordinary musician. He is an accomplished pianist! He is also a composer and has received top awards in multiple piano and composition competitions. Last August, Bradley held a virtual concert for his family and friends to raise money for IRT’s COVID-19 relief program. About 50 people attended the virtual concert, and Bradley was able to raise more than $3,000!

Bradley Capiuc started playing the piano at five years old and his favorite composer is Chopin. What an incredible kid!

At his concert, Bradley played music from some of his favorite composers, including Bach, Haydn, Brahms, Liebermann, and Mendelssohn, plus one of his own original compositions.

“He is a great kid. I always have to stay two steps ahead of him,” said Bradley’s mother, Kim. “We have always had a spirit of helping others in our family. We have always been really supportive of him in all that he wants to do.”

In his free time, Bradley takes community college courses in science and math, and loves to play board games with his mom, dad, and two younger sisters.

Thank you, Bradley, for using your special talents to make a difference during these challenging times. We hope other young people like you will be inspired by your story!

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