April 9, 2018
My name is Shiomara, and I am 16 years old. I have a sister named Cassandra, age 18, and I had another sister named Isis, but she passed away. I was born in Nayarit, Mexico, but when I was two years old my mom moved us to Ensenada. We lived in a small house that we built with wood and scraps. My mom cleaned houses to earn a living, but it wasn’t a steady job. Because of our low-income, I wasn’t able to attend school.
One morning when I was about seven years old, we heard someone yelling at my mom outside our home. The young man (who was an apparent drug addict) started throwing rocks at my mom. Our neighbors called the police and they took everyone involved. I was scared for myself and for my sisters. The truth was that my mom didn’t take care of us, we took care of ourselves. Cassandra and I were taken to a temporary shelter. Isis was handicapped so she was taken to different place. That day I realized that the life we were living wasn’t a normal one and that my mom had mental health problems.
When we arrived at Kids Kingdom, they received us with open arms. At first I was a timid girl. I lacked trust and I was insecure about my surroundings. But now I am an extrovert, because I feel safe. At the orphanage, I knew I didn’t have to worry about things like food or school, and I was finally able to receive a lot of love and support. I couldn’t understand how these people, who weren’t my relatives, could give me so much love, and at that moment I realized that my life was going to change completely.
Now, I am a 16-year-old teenager who loves basketball and volleyball. I like going to school, and I think I am a good student.
Shiomara at her 9th grade graduation

My past doesn’t determine who I am, but it has taught me to be strong in the midst of everything. We don’t get to choose some of the things that will happen to us as kids, but we can decide how we go forward. I thank all the people who have helped us over the years. Thank you for your support so that we can achieve our goals, including our education. Thank you to all who invest in the Kids Kingdom Orphanage. Because of you, we can go to school, and we have food and shelter over our heads. Thank you for being a part of our family!

Through our partnership with Kids Kingdom, an orphanage in Baja California, we provide the daily food and educational needs of 45 abandoned children. With your support, the children will continue to receive a proper nutrition and an education.

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