New Homes and New Beginnings in Tijuana, Mexico

March 18, 2023

In March, a new home was built for the Isaba-Martinez family. “¿Está casa es paranosotros?” (Is this house for us?) 8-year-old Ailani asked the volunteer if she was helping with painting the home. The resulting ‘Si’ brought wonder into her eyes, anticipating the memories that would be made in the beautiful, yellow house.  

Ailani’s parents, Monica and Alfonso were both born in Tijuana but met years later in Rosarito. The anticipation of a new life and opportunities for their children came with barriers. “Like many of those who live in this colonia, we still do not have basic services such as electricity and water. The dust and water get in through the holes in the roof and walls,” Monica explained. “I would be very grateful if you could help us because we need it, not only for ourselves, but for our small children.” 

On March 18th, eleven volunteers from Ascension Church and five skilled construction volunteers from International Relief Teams made that wish a reality. The volunteers were helped by Alfonso in putting up the roof and painting their new home and outhouse along with Ailani, four-year-old Jesus, and three-year-old Habran. 

At the end of the day, Deacon Jim Scull blessed the home with prayers of love, joy, and comfort for all the years to come. Today, the Isaba-Martinez family is in a safe home and looking forward to a brighter future.

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