“I Was Always Hungry.”

June 21, 2021
“I only had soup and old tortillas at home and was always hungry,” said seven-year-old Hian when he arrived at Kids Kingdom orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico.

Hian, like many of the once abandoned and abused children at Kids Kingdom, has a very tragic story. Throughout his short life, he has experienced more pain and suffering that most would ever experience in a lifetime. With no one to protect and take care of him, Mexican Social Services took Hian to his new home at Kids Kingdom.

On his first day at the orphanage, Hian cried and screamed from fear of being in a new place. One of the Kids Kingdom caregivers noticed evidence of the physical abuse he had endured.

Hian when he first arrived at Kid's Kingdom.

She and the other boys in Hian’s dorm took him under their wing. They saw how frightened he was, and all of them understood the terrifying experience of being the new kid at Kids Kingdom all too well. The boys shared their toys with Hian and he soon realized he was in a safe and friendly place. He started to see that these were kind people who would not hurt him.

Hian has been at Kids Kingdom for almost a year now and he is thriving! He is in the third grade and loves school. He loves his Spanish class and enjoys reading and writing. He is also very creative! When he grows up, Hian wants to be a soldier in the army.

Hian says, “I love the trampoline and I really like the food. I only had soup and old tortillas at home and was always hungry. Hereat Kids Kingdom we have lots of good food all the time!”


Hian received his first pair of eyeglasses after coming to Kids Kingdom to correct a lazy eye. What a cutie pie! 

Thank you for helping IRT to give Hian a better life. Through your help, IRT covers education expenses and provides three daily meals for the 45 once abandoned and neglected children living at Kids Kingdom. Because of you, children like Hian have escaped abuse and can grow to be happy, healthy adults.




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