Answering the Urgent Call for Medical Help for Children in Syria

March 19, 2024

As the civil war rages on in Syria, the country’s children are grappling with the profound effects of the ongoing conflict. Children in Syria are consistently exposed to escalating violence, leaving them carrying the heavy burden of fear, loss and the intense impact of these attacks.

There is an urgent call for medical help for Syrian children – a necessary lifeline to heal physical and emotional wounds created by the violence.

Together with our partners on the ground, International Relief Teams has distributed medical help and supplies to affected communities and hospitals. This has allowed us to reach more children who are in need of immediate medical care.

Here are some of the stories of the Syrian children who received support from International Relief Teams.


Ahmad is from a family of three, residing in one of the displaced people camps in northern Syria. Ahmad has undergone successful surgery to address deformities in the roof of his mouth. Following the surgical intervention, he is in good health. Ahmad was treated in a hospital that receives support from International Relief Teams.


Iman is from the countryside of Hama and currently lives in one of the displacement camps in northern Syria. Iman sought medical attention from a hospital supported by International Relief Teams because she was experiencing severe pain in the lower right side of her abdomen. It was determined that she needed surgery for her inflamed appendix. The surgery was successfully performed, and she is in good condition. Iman says, “thank you to International Relief Teams for supporting hospitals in Syria.”


Mohammed comes from a displaced family of five, originally from the western countryside of Aleppo and currently residing in the displaced people camps of Idlib. Mohammed suffered from a narrowing, and subsequent blockage, of his urinary passages. The family brought him in when he was in great pain, and a successful surgical procedure was performed. Mohammed's condition has improved, and his family is thankful for the care provided to their son.


Adnan comes from a poor, displaced family in the countryside of Latakia. He has four siblings and lives with his uncle. He was born prematurely after his mother's abdomen was ruptured in a bombing that resulted in the loss of their home, and his parents were killed in the bombing. Adnan faces significant oxygen deficiency and incomplete development of some vital organs, putting his life at severe risk unless appropriate treatment is provided. Adnan's uncle expresses deep gratitude to International Relief Teams for offering the necessary treatment and supplies for his care.

International Relief Teams Answers the Call

These stories speak not just of pain but also of resilience. Despite insurmountable odds, we are able to reach children in Syria who need critical medical interventions. 

With the support of our donors and partners, International Relief teams is helping Syrian children rebuild a future where the scars of the ongoing crisis are replaced with the promise of hope.

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